Many people spend more time in the office than anywhere else. Therefore, it is no surprise that employees value work in a supportive environment that inspires them. However, according to research, only a third of employees are involved in their work. Smart employers recognize the need to change these statistics to stay competitive in the marketplace.
Recruiting employees is not a monumental task. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money for this. One of the simplest yet highly effective ways to increase the overall well-being, creativity, and productivity of employees is with a well-designed office space. In this case, office renovation comes to the rescue.
Here are 5 office renovation ideas to get you started.
• daylight;
• use of color;
• notes of nature;
• open environment;
• space zoning.
Just a few changes to the office can benefit both employees and employers!

Natural sunlight has a positive effect on employee morale, mood, energy and mental health. It can increase productivity as well as improve creativity and focus. Refurbishment of the office and installation of glass partitions in the workspace, where possible, allows natural light to freely enter the room and reach more employees. Do you have an office with no windows? Changing lighting can also make a difference. When renovating an office, it is better to use blue light bulbs, they can increase the productivity of employees, improve their memory and cognitive functions, as well as their mood.

Use of color
Many offices use a neutral color scheme that does not attract attention and blends in with the interior. This is not inspiring, to put it mildly. Want to stimulate brain activity, creativity, fun and happiness? When doing office renovations, use bright colors like yellow or orange to energize your employees. In office spaces that require clarity and focus, try using calming blues or greens.

Notes of nature
By surrounding himself with nature, a person becomes happier – especially in open offices. When deciding to renovate your office, consider small fountains, flowering plants and greenery. Adding plants to the workplace can reduce stress, increase focus and concentration levels, improve well-being, and increase overall employee job satisfaction. What’s more, studies have shown that plants in the office can increase productivity by 15%.

Open environment
Gone are the days of closed, claustrophobic booths. They could make employees feel uncomfortable. Old-fashioned closed booths provided privacy, but it came at a price. Employees have been isolated from each other, which is a real detriment when working in today’s team-oriented and collaborative business environment. Refurbishment of offices makes the workspace more open and more transparent. This increases employee satisfaction, improves productivity, and also creates a sense of community among employees.

Space zoning
Another fashionable technique without which an office renovation cannot do is the creation of special premises for performing certain functions. Sitting at a desk for eight hours a day can affect an employee’s mental and physical health. Creating custom recreational spaces away from the typical workspace can give employees the opportunity to change the pace of work, which can increase creativity and improve productivity. It is in such spaces that a unique, relaxing environment can be created. The renovation of the office allows for the design of recreational spaces to create a quiet, peaceful place where employees can relax a bit.

How to make an office renovation?
Renovating an office is a huge and often cumbersome task. You not only need to manage your budget, but also pay attention to other elements such as design, materials, hiring specialists to implement the project, and much more. This can negatively impact company productivity and cause operational downtime. Therefore, deciding to renovate an office, it is better to use the help of real professionals. Partner Create is a reliable partner that will transform your office, making it a comfortable and cozy place to work. You will get a modern design that creates a pleasant atmosphere. Partner Create will do everything possible to ensure that the office renovation process runs smoothly and without unnecessary hassle.