Partner Create is a construction company that specializes in the implementation of projects for the comprehensive repair of offices, halls of business centers, coworkings and big bank branches.

Since its foundation in 2006, we have implemented more than 200 projects for large international and Ukrainian companies, including:

  • Samsung, Siemens, Danone, Bacardi-Martini, OLX, AXA, Tetra Pac, JLL offices
  • IT companies: EPAM, Hacken, DataRobot
  • Bank branches Alfa-Bank, Bank of Cyprus, UkrGazBank
  • coworking Spaces and Anthill

Partner Create is part of the group, which unites enterprises that provide a full range of services for design and engineering, repair and construction work, the manufacture of office furniture and light-transparent structures.

It allows us, on our own, without involving third-party contractors, to implement turnkey projects for the repair of commercial real estate. Thanks to the effective organizational structure and well-coordinated work of a professional team, we are perfectly able to cope with large amount of work of any complexity and take full responsibility for quality, meeting deadlines and budgets.

To be an expert in the implementation of large-scale projects for the comprehensive repair of commercial premises for us is:


Make accurate estimates

We know exactly how budgets are planned and allocated in large companies. Therefore, one of the important criteria, for us, to work in the exact observance of the project budget. We are proud that in more than 90% of cases, our preliminary budget estimate does not exceed the mark of 10-20%, and if it a project, it is only 3-5%

Provide professional expertise on material selection

We want the repair to serve the customer as long as possible, so we select all materials very carefully and give recommendations on choosing the best solution on it’s price / quality ratio. This sometimes means that in the search for a healthy compromise we can sometimes enter into a discussion with our client if we believe that saving in critical things will lead to an unsatisfactory result.

Conduct a project openly and with maximum comfort for the customer

This means that we hold regular meetings at the facility and video conferences with the customer in order to keep him updated on the status of the project. Moreover, the percentage of his involvement in the process requires a minimum – at the stages of selecting or agreeing on key things. We undertake all the vicissitudes of the construction process and bureaucratic issues, and do not bother the client unnecessarily.

Make the most of the available space

  We know how to effectively use space in such a way that it performs all the necessary functions and at the same time is convenient for users.

Be responsible for the result.

We are well aware that every delayed day of the office’s launch is a financial loss for the company, therefore controlling the deadlines is a highest priority within the team, and in the contract we are not afraid to fix our financial responsibility for failure to meet deadlines.


Our mission
“By changing the space, we create the atmosphere!”

About us

Our values:

1 Performance

We achieve results, even if the process is difficult.

2 Proactivity

We are able to listen and support the reasonable initiatives of our team.

3 Systematic

System solutions work better - tested on the many years of experience of our team.

4 Responsibility

We are able to take responsibility, which we fix in the relevant agreements.

5 Innovation

We understand the value of useful innovations and constantly introduce them in our work.

6 Development

We constantly develop ourselves and invest in the development of our team.


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