Before buying or renting an office, the future owner thinks about which room to choose. After all, not every space is suitable for a commercial one. Office renovation is also an important point. However, choosing the right space is more important.
To implement a business idea, it is important to choose a place in the right place and with suitable conditions. Next, let’s figure out what you should pay attention to when choosing an office space. Let’s consider examples of suitable premises and conditions for commercial activities.
Building location: infrastructure
The office can be located in the center or on the outskirts of the city. The choice of location depends on the specifics of the business. If the work is connected with constant communication with clients, a place closer to the center is suitable. It is prestigious and convenient for clients.
If your activity requires a warehouse, you will have to settle down somewhere on the outskirts.
When choosing an office location, consider the following points:
• Availability of transport routes (it should be convenient to get to the place);
• Parking (preferably large);
• Availability of catering buildings nearby (so that clients and employees can eat at the right time);
If the office doesn’t have a meeting room after renovation, the nearby cafe will be an excellent place to meet with clients.
Office area
According to SanPin, one employee in the office should have at least 6 square meters. Tables are placed at a distance of 2 meters from each other. Each piece of furniture needs additional space. Therefore, you should not skimp on the size of the office if you want to organize a comfortable workplace for yourself and your employees.
Technical condition of the premises
In most cases, after the purchase of premises for commercial activities, the owners make repairs to the office. Partner Create, as a reliable partner, does not recommend losing sight of the technical readiness of the premises, even if you decide to redo everything there.
When buying an office object, pay attention to those things that can deteriorate and bring you unnecessary losses:
• Air conditioning system;
• Posting;
• Light level;
• Wiring of electric cables;
• Location of light sources;
• Sewerage and water supply system.
Often, buyers, when they see a premise that does not need renovation, quickly sign a sales contract. Only then, after the purchase, they require a log of the work done in the building. Study the technical condition of the premises immediately so that you do not run into “pitfalls” afterwards.
Inner space
A good layout can have a positive effect on employee performance.
Possible types of office layouts include:
• Closed
• Open
• Mixed
The first assumes the presence of a long corridor and separate offices. The second type assumes one large room in which the zones are separated by partitions. The third type combines open and closed layouts.
Provide that in your office there are waiting areas for clients, offices of employees, an office of the head (director). Additionally, you can equip a dressing room, a warehouse, a dining room.
To find the right office for the job, pay attention to all of the above factors. Consider every moment, because even small nuances can change everything for the better.