In the digital age, one of the factors that helps corporations to improve the efficiency of their employees and therefore improve productivity is changing the atmosphere and environment in the workplace – this can be achieved through office renovations. One of the great solutions can be a “smart office”. Today, the smart office is a concept used by many leading companies to change the workplace. It has been proven that smart office design can truly change office life for the better.

What is a smart office?
Smart Office is a work environment concept designed to motivate employees to be more productive and creative. Such office renovation involves the use of technology to defuse the atmosphere and create harmony.
The main focus of Smart Office is the adaptation of IoT (Internet of Things) solutions and technologies, sometimes called “smart solutions”, to the office space. Below are examples of smart solutions used in office renovation that can be connected to each other and easily controlled using mobile apps:
• Intelligent control solution: a system that automatically turns on and off electrical appliances depending on the occupancy of the room.
• Intelligent Booking System: A system that makes it easy to book a conference room or Hot Desk through a mobile application.
• Visitor Management System: An intelligent technology designed to manage visitors using a face scan or QR code.
• HR mobile app: A system that allows employees to record arrival and departure times in real time using GPS, including the functions of requesting and approving employee expenses and overtime payments.
• Smart Digital Whiteboard: A solution that simplifies presentations in meetings.
• Smart Film: A solution to convert glass partitions to frosted ones for privacy.
Office renovation using this technology in the office promotes convenience and flexibility for employees, increasing well-being for a happy workplace.

How can a smart office help companies solve problems?
1. Use Smart Office Style Office Renovation to motivate and inspire employees. Smart Office creates good working relationships and a more harmonious office environment. The company can become better known and attract potential employees, and existing employees can regain motivation and enjoy increased creativity.
2. Use the smart office to improve productivity. If an office renovation is carried out and a new design is introduced with modern facilities, employees will undoubtedly be better focused on their work. Increasing productivity, getting the job done efficiently to achieve the desired results, has a beneficial effect on the overall productivity of the company.
3. Leverage the smart office to add value and reduce costs. Thanks to the modern concept of office renovation, the workspace can be fully utilized. Businesses can take advantage of technology to improve productivity and efficiency by assigning employees to suitable locations. This reduces the workload and therefore the pressure on employees.
Thus, the smart office is an important, if not critical, issue for companies to take now, as it can help improve productivity and competitiveness while driving growth.

Key points
Smart Office is an office renovation concept tailored to the real needs of employees, implementing IoT technology to help employees grow and stay productive at work. The problems faced by the business can be mitigated or completely resolved through office renovations. The specialists of Partner Create will be happy to come to the rescue and create a truly high-quality “smart office”. Partner Create is a reliable contractor and specialist in the field of office renovation, thanks to him, every company will receive new opportunities to inspire and increase its performance. The implementation of a smart office offers tremendous business benefits. Try it and see for yourself!