If you have renovated your office, rented a new office space or expanded your staff, you will probably have to take care of the arrangement of the space. You will need to choose furniture for the office, plan its ergonomic arrangement and provide for a number of other nuances. We are figuring out how to competently approach this important issue, which has a serious impact on the performance of the team, the atmosphere within it and the prestige of the company.

What is important to consider when choosing office furniture

Office furniture must comply with the laws of ergonomics and be designed for intensive use. Usually it is characterized by a laconic design, consistent style, simple shapes. At the same time, it is necessary that it be as comfortable as possible, contribute to maintaining the correct body position, when it comes to armchairs or sofas.
When choosing office furniture, consider the following factors:
• Dimensions of the room. This will allow you to select furniture of a suitable configuration and arrange it correctly in the room. Professional designers will take into account the ergonomics of the office, the number of employees and correctly arrange workplaces.
• Material of products. Most often, for the staff they choose structures made of laminated chipboard, for the manager’s office – made of leather, suede, solid wood.
• Convenience of furniture. When choosing chairs and armchairs, it is especially important to pay attention to the convenience of the backrest, armrests, and the possibility of height adjustment.
• Safety. Before buying, you should make sure that the products have quality certificates and that they will not have an adverse effect on the body. For example, particle board emission class should not be higher than E1. Also, the material must have an edge designed to prevent the evaporation of adhesive resins.
If it is necessary for all the furniture to be designed in a single and special style, it is better to entrust its choice to professional designers.

Staff furniture

When choosing furniture for employees, you should immediately decide: what will a person need for productive work? In addition to a desk and an armchair, he will need a cabinet for storing office equipment and personal belongings. Do not forget about wardrobes where staff can hide outerwear, umbrellas, etc. Separate cabinets and shelves should also be provided to accommodate documentation.
In the event that the office is one large room, you need to take care of the zoning of the space. Using partitions, you can provide each employee with a personal workplace where he will be comfortable.

Executive furniture

A desk (usually large), a cabinet (often a whole wall with many shelves and compartments) must be installed in the manager’s office. There is also a solid armchair made of genuine leather or suede. All furniture should be presentable, as the well-being of the company is often judged by the manager’s office.
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