Few people think about the effect of color. Although each of them has a certain effect on a person. And the nature of the influence depends on the unconscious part of each of us.
The connection between color and office productivity.

Depending on the color can change not only the psychological comfort of employees but also their mood.
Studies conducted by the Wall Street Journal directly point to the increasing use of color combinations to reduce stressful situations in the office. In addition, each employee is able to work with greater productivity when working in comfortable conditions.

Оffice сolors and their impact on productivity

Dining room

Colors and their impact on productivity

Each of them has its own specifics and requires more detailed study:

  • Blue – has the highest performance. Has a positive impact on accountants and employees of the IT industry. Gives the atmosphere great emotionality and allows to increase the efficiency of the labor process;
  • Yellow and orange – colors that improve imagination and thinking. They raise the mood and promote more active development of new ideas. Although they can cause unmotivated aggression and irritation;
  • Red – belongs to the aggressive category of colors. Allows you to stimulate physical activity, increases energy and excitement. Relevant in the design of jobs of employees who perform work with constant attention and frequent concentration;
  • Green – the best solution for peace and harmony. This color is indispensable in offices with an active rhythm of life and constant haste of employees. It also provides the eyes with the necessary rest during long work at the computer.
Оffice сolors and their impact on productivity

Common room

Colors with a neutral range

As well as white, gray, black and brown. They act as additional and minimize the impact of excessively bright and aggressive colors.

Saturation is more important than color.
Angela Wright (a psychologist in the field of color) follows a different technique. It indicates a greater value of color intensity. Colors that are highly saturated can have a more productive effect on performance. And colors with less intensity have a calming effect.
Such information deserves attention. A number of companies have already found practical application in their offices around the world.

Angela Wright also talks about the influence of each of these colors on a particular aspect of human activity. It is only important to choose a combination of them. This will create a comfortable environment for the most productive workflow.

Оffice сolors and their impact on productivity

Office space

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