10 ideas for office renovation in the style of “Modern open-space”
Open concept jobs take time to adapt to. The lack of a “home base” and the anxiety of people on the move annoy some employees, especially if they are used to a traditional workplace.
But if you correctly design a modern open-space and fill a new workplace with fresh ideas, you can facilitate the adaptation period.
Although the spatial layout of open-space is relatively simple, there is ample scope for creating functional elements. Despite the fact that the main part of the available space is open, nothing can prevent the organization of a mixed zone in one part of it, and a recreation zone in the other. Here are just some ideas for planning an open office
Every open workplace requires the creation of simple, unstructured areas for collaboration. Lightweight overlays allow small groups to separate from the common work area for an impromptu meeting without distracting others. Meetings can only last a few minutes and can be a very productive way to collaborate on the go.
Try to divide your open office into zones suitable for certain types of activities. In addition to the main work areas, it is important to provide recreation areas, coffee break areas, etc.
Mixed zones
Every office needs a place where employees gather to just chat and drink water. Provide these spaces in a larger open-concept office to provide a quick break from a busy workflow.
Functional spaces
Some of the best collaboration opportunities for employees come from other activities. This not only improves mutual understanding between colleagues but also increases staff morale. When doing office renovations, take into account the availability of such space – these can be a variety of mini-zones, distracted from the main activity.
Passage zones
Open workplaces still require well-defined aisles. When you are planning these areas for your office renovation, also look for job opportunities along the proverbial trail. People will naturally bump into each other as they walk around the office, and it’s nice to have a place where they can stand to the side and talk to each other calmly.
Recreation areas
A break room or social area brings colleagues together without having to work. These spaces increase morale and encourage people to communicate, and create a specific office culture in the workplace. Openness and mutual understanding are expressed in the willingness to cooperate in a more formal capacity in an open office.
Lighting has a huge impact on everything from morale to energy. Bring light into your workplace with an open concept to enhance your office environment. More light encourages employees to use their entire workplace, not just the window seat.
Comfortable furniture
Comfort affects how people interact. Comfortable furniture encourages people to sit down and participate in the discussion. Comfort also promotes relaxation, which can spur creative inspiration and lead to more productive conversations. Comfortable people are productive people.