Each company strives for an original and memorable design of its office. This allows you to stand out from competitors, create coziness, and a certain atmosphere, as well as tune employees to a working mood. In order for the style of the premises to meet the modern requirements of comfort, respectability, and the concept of the firm’s activities, it is necessary to make a good repair of the office. Highly qualified specialists from reliable construction companies, such as Partner Construction, will help to implement the plans because a good contractor means quality, aesthetics, durability, and peace of mind.


To decide on the choice of style for an office interior, you need to know the general rules of business design.

1. Choice of colors. Colors should be calm and at the same time rich and memorable. Dullness is not welcome, but a riot of colors is inappropriate.
2. Office duties involve working at the desk, so the furniture should be ergonomic and comfortable.
3. In the office, people are doing mental work and need a comfortable resting place to distract themselves. The layout with a separate recreation area contributes to increased productivity. Therefore, before renovating an office, it is imperative to discuss the issue of a full-fledged recreation area with the designer and builders.
4. Lighting is of great importance. It is good if there are large windows that provide a lot of natural light, but powerful artificial lighting is also needed.
5. The workspace should be clearly divided into zones, otherwise it will be difficult to organize the work.

Based on these rules, you can choose a specific style. Now in design there are a large number of different directions that make it possible to make an original renovation of the office and at the same time maintain one stylistic idea. Any design concept must meet three main requirements: a balance between aesthetics and functionality, compliance of the interior with the company’s philosophy, the ability to quickly update the interior in the future.

Office design styles.

• Minimalism. The main feature and advantage is brevity. Minimalism is simple, functional and comfortable, it has a lot of light and space. Shapes and lines are clear, geometric. The colors are calm: the basis of the palette can be white, pearl, beige with accents of black, wenge or some bright shade. This is the most popular and versatile style. Office renovation in this style is done by IT companies, logistics organizations, and various agencies.
• Modern. A bit fanciful but original. It is characterized by expensive materials, interesting decor and elegance. Suitable for creative workshops where inspiration and creative thinking are needed.
• High tech. Somewhat cold and detached, it fits perfectly with modern technology. The background is homogeneous, with bright accents. Materials: plastic, metal, glass.
• The classic style is preferred by law firms, beauty salons, furniture firms. The main thing in this direction is presentability and aristocracy. Colors of soft noble shades. The furniture is expensive and bulky. Natural materials.