As the world practice repeatedly proves, the working space of IT developers differs in non-standard and rather bold approach in an interior. The peculiarities of their activities leave an imprint on the conditions in which they feel most comfortable. Specialists in this field should not feel that their freedom is limited by the strictness of a closed space. But, at the same time, the atmosphere should promote creativity and adjust to fruitful work.
It is clear that the situation of the IT company differs in many respects from the usual offices of ordinary office workers. This must be taken into account when arranging jobs for such specialists. So, what criteria should such a space meet, and why office renovation for IT is not such a simple task?

Open-space and no rigid framework

Ideally, the IT company will be located in a spacious room, which will not be a standard set of equipment and furniture. It is easy to divide it into the necessary number of functional zones by means of columns, partitions, and interior decor, avoiding the creation of small closed rooms. Nothing should be physical or psychological, including creatively, embarrassing IT people in the process of their work.
The place for work occupies the largest area. Concise design, panoramic windows, comfortable chairs, tables, computers, good lighting, protection from external noise – the best option. It is not bad if 10-12 m² will be allocated for one employee. If the conditions of activity of programmers need to be united in small groups, it is necessary to arrange a cozy common space.

Optimal microclimate and reliable power supply system

Flawlessly working air conditioning and ventilation systems, ensuring the maintenance of constant freshness and comfortable air temperature all year round – a must for the offices of IT companies.
In addition, it is necessary to provide round-the-clock Internet access and electricity. To do this, you need to have an uninterruptible power supply, which will allow for the period of possible power outages do not stop working.

“Comfort zone” for quality rest

Representatives of IT professions are completely dedicated to their work. They often linger in the office, or even stay overnight in it. Caring managers try to create good conditions for such selfless employees. In the so-called “comfort zone” is usually placed:
• showers, in which you can refresh yourself at any time and put yourself in order;
• spacious kitchens with tables, chairs, kitchen equipment;
• game rooms and relaxation rooms that allow you to briefly switch from hard work to a pleasant pastime.
Some companies even require the creation of gyms and massage rooms to relieve physical and emotional stress after a long sitting at the computer. Well, that wish can be fulfilled.
Extremely creative and interesting specialists work in IT firms, therefore there are practically no standard rules in the arrangement of offices of such organizations. Each of them is individual and needs something “own”, unique. In order to make repairs to IT offices, our company analyzes the needs, features of a particular enterprise, as well as the wishes of the customer, to create the ideal space for productive activities.