Construction work

There are a lot of construction companies in Kiev. Despite this, the customer is very difficult to find a truly high-quality professionals for services such as: office repair or office construction, depending on what you need. And to perform the entire scope of work “turnkey”with a guarantee of quality and materials, while in the agreed and fixed in advance, not many can.

Most often, small construction teams and organizations offer to perform only some specific construction work. For example: installation of heating systems or electrical work. And if the company needs to make installation of a water supply system or ventilation system, it is necessary to find additional construction company.

In addition to the inconvenience of finding narrow specialists, this approach poses an additional danger. None of the companies working on the same project at the same time will bear full responsibility for the quality of the materials and works used. As a result, in the case of a negative result, it is difficult to achieve corrections or compensation from someone.

Best option when all construction work is performed by one reliable company. “Partner construction” will perform the full complex of repair and construction works. Also, our company can perform full control over all stages of work and guarantee the result on paper.

Brand “Partner construction” in the construction market of Ukraine is well known as a reliable company and more than a hundred successful projects implemented since 2006 are proof of this. We are partners in the construction and repair of offices for companies such as Biocodex, Danone, Samsung, Epam, Siemens, AXA, Hacken and many others. The latest brands for whom we performed construction work, you can always see on our website in the tab – “our clients“.

We cooperate with many market leaders and are very grateful to them for the high evaluation of our work, which they expressed in recommendation letters.

Due to the fact that our team works as a single mechanism and the vast experience behind each employee, we bring to life the most daring ideas of our customers. Our Group of companies is ready to develop for You the concept and architectural design documentation. Then in the term fixed in the Contract – to realize everything in the best possible way.


Partner construction adheres to its important principles With each client:

1. Individual approach. We create for each construction project a team of professionals, which includes project Manager, customer service Manager, quantity surveyors engineers, and the required number of builders. Under the supervision of a foreman, they successfully implement each project.

2. Terms and cost of the project are fixed. Our company is a conscientious taxpayer and starts to work only after we sign a Contract with the customer. In this contract, we prescribe clear deadlines for all work and the cost of the project. We are able to form an accurate estimate, and its error does not exceed 3.5% of the total amount. This percentage is significantly lower than that of other construction companies in Ukraine. We are confident and ready to prescribe an additional clause in the Contract, in which, if we do not have time to perform all the work in the stipulated time, we will return up to 100 000 UAH!

3. All construction works are “turnkey”. “Partner-construction” performs: management of repair and construction processes, construction control, technical inspection of buildings and structures, technical supervision, construction works.

4. Quality assurance of materials and construction works. On all construction works carried out by us also there will be an official guarantee from 1 year. Materials are taken depending on the budget available to the customer company. All materials are checked by us, by trial and error.


Construction works by Partner Construction