Construction companies

Demand for construction services in Kiev is very high. Very popular services today, can be considered: repair and construction of offices, design and installation of utilities and management of construction projects. All of these services in 2006, the company exerts “Partner-construction“. In Ukraine difficult to find a construction company with such history and great successful practical experience.

Construction companyConstruction companies are often not ready to perform all construction services “turnkey”. One can make only the concept of your new office, others can design engineering networks, and it is necessary to carry out installation to the third construction companies and crews. This is not a good approach to such a serious matter. In this case, You are at great risk of getting a poor quality result, all work may not be completed on time, and the initial estimate is significantly increased.

Many construction companies in Kiev do not want to enter into a formal Contract in which you need to prescribe all stages of work, the quality of materials and the final budget of the project. Instead offer “to believe on word” – that all will be done well. We consider it unacceptable and very rash to agree to such conditions.

Construction company “Partner-construction” important features:

– All construction work we perform after the official Contract was signed which includes all the guarantees regarding the time for implementation, budget and quality of work.

– Having gained many years of experience, we have learned to accurately add construction estimates and now its error does not exceed 3.5%. This figure is much less than that of other construction companies in Ukraine.

– Our organization is ready to register in the Contract an additional paragraph on the return of 100 000 UAH, when going beyond the time and budget.

– We have an individual approach to each construction project. A team of professionals is selected, which includes a customer service Manager, project Manager, engineers, quantity surveyors and the required number of builders, who under the supervision of a foreman implement a construction project.

– We have successfully implemented a huge number of construction projects (more than 100), for such major brands as: Danone, Siemens, Samsung, Biocodex, AXA, Epam, etc. the Latest implemented objects you can always see in the section ” Portfolio“.

– Our company closely follows the market of novelties in construction materials and technologies. We often use them in the implementation of new objects. It can be a “smart home” system for remote control of the office. We implemented such management and control during the construction of the Anthill Space coworking.

Construction companies – how to make a choice?

Construction companyOur company will perform a full range of construction works. We carry out “turnkey” repair or construction of office. We specialize in this. There are a large number of companies that perform “everything”. Can and house build and music and renovating office do. Each direction in construction has a number of features and it is very important that the construction company or construction team that performs such complex work knew thoroughly all the nuances in each direction.

Our direct specialization is office space. We very well know this direction in construction and we carry out all complex of works with full control at each stage of construction. Best choice if you need a new office or office repair, these are narrow specialists in this construction direction – “Partner-construction”.