A modern and ergonomic office allows employees to work more efficiently. He is the business card of the company. Therefore, office renovation and furnishing is an important part of preparing for the workflow of any organization. Attentive company executives approach this issue carefully, taking care of the comfort of their employees and clients.

Alarm installation

To protect the premises and assets of the organization, care should be taken to install appropriate signaling equipment. An active alarm will protect an office or other commercial premises from possible theft of equipment, money and goods. This will provide peace of mind to the work collective and its bosses. The best option would be to order the installation of an alarm at the stage of office renovation.

The security alarm can be:

• sound – suitable for the protection of retail and warehouse premises where there is a guard;
• with auto redial – a call is made or an SMS is sent to a pre-specified number in the event of an alarm event (entry into the room);
• control room – when an unauthorized entry is made, an alarm is triggered and employees of a private or state security service arrive at the facility.

The third type of alarm is the most suitable for protecting office premises, although it is not the cheapest in terms of price. If there is a need to protect the surrounding area (parking, entrance to the office), then the installation of an alarm will be higher in cost. After all, more sophisticated street sensors are used for this.

Video surveillance in the office

To control the workflow, resolve disputes and conflicts between employees and clients, video recording can be installed in office premises. It will also help to avoid theft of personal belongings and office equipment. You can install video surveillance after repairs in the office or in the process. The relevant specialists first develop a project that takes into account all the nuances for the most correct open tracking.

The following equipment is used:

• analog – the image is transmitted to the DVR and monitor;
• digital – the video image is transmitted to the server, it is possible to watch it online.

Digital IP video surveillance is more modern and very reliable. Its higher cost in comparison with analog is justified, since innovative methods of video surveillance are used.

Indoor CCTV cameras do not need moisture protection functions. They work in good lighting conditions, giving a clear picture. A great option for any office is the dome camera. High-quality and timely installation of alarm and video surveillance will ensure the productive and safe operation of the entire company.