When developing the smart office system, Partner Construction specialists were guided by comfort, safety, and economy for our clients.

The variety of scenarios and the possibility of remote control of lighting, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning, heating, and other office systems will simplify and make the economical operation of the office space.

Smart Office

  • Lighting
  • Water supply
  • Climate
  • Security
  • Scripts



Control the lighting in each room of your office remotely, or with built-in control panels. Adjust the optimal lighting of each of the zones – work, recreation area, kitchen, hallway, bathrooms. Additionally, presence sensors can turn the light on or off if there is a person in the room.

Smart Office

Water supply


All meter readings are now in your app. Also, in an emergency, such as a pipe break or flooding, the system will automatically shut off the water supply and notify you of the situation. In addition, the system of heat-insulated floors (water floor) automatically regulates the temperature and water supply to the system.

Smart Office



Unified management and coordinated operation of systems: heating, underfloor heating, ventilation, air conditioning, filtration, and humidification will create the optimal temperature and air quality in your office. The intelligent ventilation system itself monitors the level of carbon dioxide in the premises and automatically switches on if necessary or goes into energy-saving mode.


Smart Office



In the event of unauthorized entry into the territory, presence sensors are triggered. The system activates sound and light alarms, calls the security service, and sends you a message, photo, or video from the CCTV camera. Recording can be done continuously, or only when the motion sensors are triggered. The video archive is recorded on an encrypted channel to a remote server. You can view the recording from the cameras at any time.

Smart Office



All and many other complexes work together for maximum comfort and economy.

For example – when the office closes, the alarm is automatically turned on, heating, air conditioning, ventilation go into economy mode, water supply and lighting are turned off. At the programmed time, for example, one hour before the start of the working day, the necessary systems are activated to create a comfortable climate, lighting, and room temperature.

Smart Office


The system will allow you to save up to 40% on lighting and up to 30% on heating. It controls and regulates the operation of each device on the basis of current parameters in accordance with the specified program.

The elements of the system can be gradually supplemented at any time (for example, when expanding the office, redevelopment) eliminating the need to drill walls and lay the cable.

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