For about 15 years, our construction company has specialized in the renovation of offices in Ukraine and is ready to offer its services. We understand the importance of the convenience of workplaces, so we strive to make them comfortable, ergonomic, and modern. We use innovative technology in office renovations. Arsenal of IC “Partner Construction” is not limited to first-class hand tools. We have devices, equipment (machines for pouring floors, mechanized plastering, etc.), with which it is possible to implement large-scale projects with ideal quality in a short time.

When developing a design project, designers will take into account not only the peculiarities of the work of employees, the nature of the use of the premises, but also the area of ​​activity of your organization. As a result, the office will be transformed. It will become an attractive place of work for staff, the face of your company for clients.

Capital, cosmetic or luxury repair of offices in Kyiv “turnkey”

Office renovation begins with the departure of the measurer to the object. We draw up an estimate, conclude a contract, develop engineering and technical documentation, and then proceed directly to the repair. The company offers services both to small organizations planning to refresh the premises, to increase its functionality and to the largest capital banks, business centers, coworking spaces, for which the first-class installation of electricity, heat, water supply, ventilation, air conditioning is important.

Prices for repair and finishing work depend on the area of ​​the premises, the complexity of the project, the list of services, the cost of materials. The final cost is influenced by the need for dismantling, installation of engineering systems. The price already includes garbage collection, transport, and additional costs.

Why do customers choose us?

The advantages of cooperation with the Kyiv company “Partner Construction” are obvious.

1. We carry out repair and finishing work independently, without involving specialists from third-party firms.
2. We accept orders for all types of services: from economical options (redecoration of the office) to redevelopment, capital reconstruction of commercial, municipal real estate “turnkey”.
3. Individual design of layouts, interiors of any complexity.
4. Technical supervision at each stage, strict adherence to technologies.
5. Guaranteed perfect quality. Responsibility for the end result.
6. Competitive prices on the market for design, installation, repair and finishing works, general contracting services.
7. Strict adherence to the stated deadlines.

Having entrusted us with repair and finishing works, customers will receive a fresh, functional, comfortable office just in time. Our team’s specialists will implement any, including original and non-standard design solutions, carry out the installation of engineering systems, finishing. We are supporters of fair and open pricing, so office renovation will not be burdensome for your firm’s budget.

Choose an attractive design in the photo gallery, evaluate the quality of the completed projects. To place an order for a turnkey office renovation in Kyiv, please call: +38 050 388 18 77З or place an online order from the website. Managers will advise on all issues, and specialists will drive up to take measurements at a convenient time for you. We leave for all areas of the city.