OLX Office

OLX company is represented in 45 countries in the world, and Ukraine’s one of the 5th most popular platforms for online-ads, that connects people for purchases, sales or exchange of goods and services. OLX entered Ukrainian market in 2014, after Slando.ua joined OLX Group and made re-branding.


In 2018 company opened second office, and in 2019 it already needed 3rd, for 500 sq.m.
Space in BC SP Hall on 5th floor was chosen, near current ОLX office. Luckily, in this space Partner Create company has already made repairs for digital team of Alfa-Bank. We knew the nuances of this building and could do any work extremely fast. Our task was to make not only bigger office, but to create smooth transition to the office of other OLX departments, with other design style.

It was a challenge because rebuilding is always harder than start from scratch. We adapted all the engineering systems to new office plans with performing all the required calculations –  heat, conditioning, (air exchange), working places lightning level. The power supply and lighting system need to be rebuilt with the supplyment of individual lamps.

Meeting rooms was zoned by aluminum partitions, painted in bright colors. They implement special acoustic solutions for comfortable communication. Flotex carpet was used for the floor. Flotex combines the practicality of a flexible floor covering with the anti-slip and acoustic properties that can be commonly found in textile coverings. Flotex is a wear-resistant and hypoallergenic material. Has no water reactions and is the only textile coating that can be washed. We used all materials with high wear resistance, the service life of which is designed for at least 5 years.

This office has a unique kitchen design, the coffee area smoothly transitions to the amphitheater area, where employees gather for meetings, corporate events, birthdays. This is a versatile, bright and stylish place that can often be seen on the insta-photo of OLX employees. There is a wall on which fashionable colored crayons to realize their creative fantasies. The images on this wall change with each phase of the company’s life. The office has a huge amount of greenery.

We performed project on turnkey principle – design project, engineering documentation development and repairs and construction works. Project  took 2 months and was finished exactly to timings.

Year: 2019.  Quadrature: 500 м2

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