A well-thought-out and high-quality office renovation make the work of employees as comfortable and productive as possible. Also, a cozy interior increases the confidence in the company on the part of clients and partners. And since the first thing that visitors see is the reception, special attention should be paid to the design of this zone in the office.

What is the reception area?

Reception is a counter, which is installed at the entrance and serves as a place of registration, consultation of office guests. This is the “face” by which the visitors evaluate the company. It is also the place of work of employees, where administrators spend their working day. It is important that the rack is not only beautiful, presentable, but also functional, comfortable, and practical.

The reception must be installed in the right place, in harmony with the interior of the room. In small offices, it is often placed at the entrance, and in large office centers in the foyer. This location allows you to solve the issue of free visitor access to the information desk, and also prevents crowding. If the area of ​​the room allows, sofas are placed next to it for comfortable waiting and tables for filling out documents.

Design features

Reception is a two-level structure, the design of which includes a front part and an internal block. The top table-top is what customers see and can use, and the bottom shelf is adapted to the needs of the administrator. The internal compartment of the rack provides for the location of office equipment, it is also a place for storing documents.

The size of the reception is one of the important criteria for its selection. The height should be as convenient as possible for the visitor to fill out the document, but at the same time not cluttering the administrator’s review. The optimal rack width and length are calculated based on the size of the room. Depending on the place chosen during the renovation of the office, its shape is chosen for the rack.

Reception forms:
• Direct;
• U-shaped;
• Closed;
• Corner;
• Arcuate.

Features of choice

What shape and appearance, the size of the rack to choose depends on the general style of the interior that is planned to be created during the renovation of the office, on the number of employees working behind it, and the flow of visitors. For example, smoothed stance shapes hide corners, allowing you to divert attention from protruding corners.

U-shaped models are advisable to use in large offices and medical centers, they are designed for several administrators. Closed structures of round, oval, and rectangular shapes are placed in the center of the room. They solve the problem of simultaneous reception of many visitors since access to them is provided from all sides.

Points to pay attention to when choosing a reception:

1. The concept that defines the specifics of the company’s activities. Construction companies often choose stone and brick decor, while a dairy manufacturer should pay attention to natural colors;
2. Dimensions. The optimum height is 1.1-1.2 meters, the width and depth may be different;
3. Materials. Racks are made of MDF and veneer, chipboard and metal, as well as stone/brick;
4. The presence of lighting and other decorative elements;
5. Budget + production time.

When ordering office renovation, you must definitely pay attention to the organization of the reception area. A wide range of rack models on the market allows you to find the most comfortable, aesthetic, and functional option for the employee and the client. If there is no model on sale that would best match the concept of the company, the existing interior, it can always be made to order.