Comprehensive office renovation consists of stages, one of them is floor installation. High requirements are imposed on it since the floor surface experiences significant loads, mechanical stress. An equally important point is the aesthetic side of the issue, the formation of a general business interior.
Requirements for the arrangement of the floor in the office
Floor creation is a crucial stage in office renovation. In the process of work, it is important not only to properly lay the coating but also to strengthen the base.
Depending on the specific room, the process of arranging office floors includes the following stages:
• leveling the rough layer of the concrete base;
• arrangement of the screed to form a flat surface;
• creating a base for flooring, if necessary;
• creation of an insulating layer and others.
A reliable contractor and Partner Construction specialist will carry out office renovations, in particular, floor repairs, taking into account individual characteristics, the direction of the company and the planned budget of the customer. The construction company offers lucrative offers for all clients to create comfortable conditions for employees and visitors.
Types of flooring
Today there are different types of flooring. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the room and the features of its operation.
Raised floor
Raised floor – modular type covering, suitable for office and study. Advantages – the speed of installation, additional heat, and sound insulation, the ability to hide part of the communication systems, providing easy access to them if necessary.
Synthetic rubber
The floor surface absorbs the sound of footsteps and is a good solution for workspaces. Among the strengths are environmental friendliness, a variety of colors, which allows you to choose an option taking into account the overall style of the interior. Such floors are not afraid of dirt and are easy to clean.
An excellent choice for a manager’s office is laminate. Such floors are practical, durable, have a prestigious appearance, and can emphasize the status and solidity of the company. The flooring is represented by a wide selection, among the available options – a material for natural parquet.
Floor tiles
Non-slip tiles are a popular material for office walk-through areas. The covering is suitable for corridors, halls, customer rooms. Practical properties – durability, strength, ease of cleaning, resistance to abrasion, damage.
Self-leveling floor
Self-leveling floor is the choice of modern and progressive companies. The surface is easy to arrange, has a respectable appearance, is practical to use and easy to clean. Distinctive properties – a wide range of stylistic solutions, in particular the ability to create volumetric images.
Floor creation is a crucial stage in office renovation. The main requirement for the floor of the workspace is practicality. The choice and design of flooring is largely determined by the area of ​​the room, the organization of lighting, the line of business and the corporate colors of the company.