Partner Facility Management is the complete management of the technical operation of offices to ensure the smooth operation of engineering systems, through monitoring and their timely maintenance.

Services provided by Partner Facility for each type of engineering system:

  • Ventilation and air conditioning systems. Setting up and ensuring uninterrupted operation of the system for a comfortable stay indoors. Regular replacement of consumables, removal of contaminants in the channels and monitoring of all system elements.
  • Power supply. Repair of lighting devices, setting the optimal brightness of lighting, lamp replacement, scheduled maintenance of electrical panels.
  • Water supply and sewage. Plumbing service helps optimize the system to reduce overall costs and the cost of consumables. Scheduled inspection of pipes, plumbing assemblies and timely replacement of faucets, mixers, gaskets, removal of blockages.
  • Heating. Timely preparation for seasonal operation, setting the temperature and pressure levels, monitoring the health of the system, scheduled diagnostics of pipes and parts replacing. Preservation of the system until the next heating season.
  • Regular maintenance and careful maintenance of the equipment of the property will extend its life time and avoid unexpected expenses and emergency situations.

Service Formats:

Maintenance work.

We develop and approve a schedule of routine maintenance for each of the systems, depending on it’s features and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Daily support and small work on the premises

In this format, you get full-fledged Facility Management with the constant presence of Partner Facility specialists at your facility to maintain all engineering systems in proper form and, if necessary, quickly resolve any problems.

Repair work

Partner Facility provides a full range of services on the field of repair of engineering systems. Our team consists of experienced professionals who will help you plan and carry out all the necessary repairs of the engineering systems of your facility.

Emergency work

Partner Facility specialists are ready 24/7 to provide expert help in eliminating emergency and unforeseen situations at any property related to disruption of engineering systems.

We invite you to try the Facility Management service from Partner Construction.