Installation of engineering systems is an integral part of the overhaul of any office space. Offices are subject to more stringent requirements for comfort and technical equipment, because people work there. That is why, the list of engineering systems is much wider than in residential premises.

Office engineering systems:

  1. ETS (electrical solutions: electricity and lighting) is a class of systems that must ensure the smooth operation of office equipment and create all the necessary conditions for the workplaces to be provided with the necessary and sufficient lighting for comfortable work.
  2. HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) – creating necessary climate conditions and maintain air quality. Because employees spend most of their working time indoors; their effectiveness and general condition depend on a proper air quality and temperature. In a modern office, these issues are given special attention.
  3. PS (plumbing and sewage). These are the basic systems of any building. Today, water purification systems and its more economical use have become as a must.
  4. SCS (structured cable systems) are the information arteries of the office, the quality and professional installation of which largely determines the effectiveness of information exchange, employee interaction and the speed of all office.
  5. ACS (access control system) is the basic security system of a modern office. Allows you to organize time tracking, as well as to differentiate access rights for the employees and visitors to different rooms.
  6. VS (video surveillance) is the most informative security system that allows you to monitor all events inside the office and quickly respond to emergency situations.
  7. Internal office notifications. Allows you to create a pleasant audio background inside the office and notify employees about events or situations related to their safety.
  8. Automation. They assemble all engineering systems into a single complex with centralized management. Modern offices are becoming more “smart”, they are able to “adapt” themselves to the employees behavior  and manage the entire complex of engineering systems without involving specialists.

Partner Construction has its own department for the design and installation of the entire complex of engineering systems in office premises. We have extensive practical experience and highly qualified specialists with higher engineering education for the implementation of projects of any complexity.

The Department of Engineering Systems is engaged in both design (in accordance with the highest international standards) and the adaptation of existing projects to the requirements of Ukrainian GSTU and BN and R.

Partner Construction, a construction company, has been on the Ukrainian market since 2006, and we have sold over 200 facilities with a full range of engineering systems.

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