An office design project is a key document for determining the budget for repair work. For its proper creation, a thorough analysis of the organization’s business processes and the requirements for the operation of each room is carried out.

Usually, our clients come to us with a ready-made design project, but very often the design development, and the full package of engineering and technical documentation fall on our shoulders. Sometimes customer’s design project simply impossible to implement due to the design features of the building, which were not taken into account when developing the provided project.

That is why we offer to use the services of our department of design and engineering.

Creating an office design project is carried out in several stages:

  1. Taking measurements and creating a measurement plan. We carry it out in order to ensure that the responsibility for sizes mismatch does not lie on the customers side in order to take into account all the nuances of the premises that were  did not paid attention to when concluding the lease.
  2. Creating a planning solution. Optimal use of office space is a key objective of a planning solution. The office should be ergonomic and functional. At this stage, the correct zoning is carried out, solutions are being developed to expand the office area due to technical facilities, communication plans and utilities are superimposed on the layout.
  3. Visualization. We create 3D model of your office space and all interior solutions – colors, textures, furniture, additional designs, etc.
  4. Development of drawings and design documentation. This is a complete set of documents, including architectural solutions, design projects, engineering systems, drawings of furniture and it’s structures, statements of finishing materials and equipment.
  5. Calculation and optimization of the project budget. Based on the documentation, several options for the project budget are considered using materials from various manufacturers.

We offer a full range of services for the design and development of engineering documentation for the implementation of your office. Partner Construction created and successfully implemented more than 200 office projects for companies of various sizes.

Request a consultation from our design and engineering specialist for your office.