Let’s talk about an important room in an office space – a meeting room. It hosts meetings and negotiations, concludes deals, and signs important documents. It is here that everything must be designed and implemented at the highest level. Design is a matter of the company’s taste and brand book, but what about engineering systems?

– Ventilation and air conditioning of the meeting room are distinguished by the discreteness and frequency of its work. It works as intensively as possible during events, when the load increases and the rest of the time uses a minimum of power or is turned off altogether, depending on the nature of the use of the room. The air conditioning system of the halls should be designed for large areas, and its effect is evenly distributed around the perimeter, so as not to cause discomfort for people sitting in the immediate vicinity.

– Sound insulation and noise absorption can be achieved through the installation of blank partitions using sound-absorbing panels, finished with synthetic or natural material to suppress sound waves. If the option of fixed partitions does not suit you, we recommend using all-glass partitions with a thickness of at least 10 millimeters. This will further improve room acoustics and prevent echoes from spreading.

– When equipped with a meeting room, the socket blocks can be placed both on the table and under the table, for convenient and correct connection of your own and third-party sources, for example, a laptop or a phone charger. For other equipment, it is recommended to use the version of desktop hatches and turrets, which are equipped with connectors: 220V network sockets, Internet connectors (RJ45), USB, HDMI, VGA for connecting to a projector or TV, the number of connectors is determined individually depending on the number of people and equipment in the meeting room …

– Lighting must be dimmable so that you can adjust the brightness of the light depending on the situation, it is also recommended to provide for a “smart home” with the ability to program lighting scenarios for different types of negotiations, this system will facilitate the setup and save preparation time, it also provides the opportunity voice control of lighting, ventilation, electric curtains and other equipment.

Additionally, the meeting room can be equipped with a multimedia projector, projection screen, TV, interactive whiteboard, audio-video conferencing system.