Energy efficiency, sound insulation and high light levels are key requirements for office ceiling structures. In addition, the ceiling must be safe, easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing. All these requirements can be met by making a modern office renovation.
Types of ceilings for the office
New materials and technologies open up endless possibilities for creating a practical and durable coating. All ceiling structures are divided into groups:
• suspended;
• tension;
• combined.
Each option has its own characteristics.
Suspended ceiling systems
Cassette. The most popular option for office renovation. The basis of the structure is made up of modules from a metal frame and mineral plates. This system is easy to install, has excellent sound absorption and high reflectivity.
Rack and pinion. They consist of a frame to which aluminum lamellas, coated with a polymer composition or powder paint, are attached. The ceiling surface can be chrome, matt or mirrored. Rack structures do not support combustion, are resistant to moisture, durable, look stylish and avant-garde.
Lattice. The lightweight and practical system is assembled from modules consisting of transverse and longitudinal aluminum profiles that form a grid. Cells can be of the usual rectangular shape or exclusive, for example, pyramidal or double square.
Plasterboard. Structures made of gypsum plasterboard and a metal frame can consist of one or more tiers, have a different shape and texture. The installation of the system does not require leveling the base surface, which speeds up the repair work.
Stretch ceiling
The system consists of a metal profile and a sheet, PVC or fabric. For the office, PVC is most often chosen, which is presented in a wide variety of colors and textures. The coating has served for decades, maintaining its working qualities and external aesthetics.
Combined options
The structure consists of a plasterboard box, inside which a different type of canvas is installed. In the manufacture of the suspension system, various types of canvases are combined: matte, mirror, glossy with backlighting. The play of light and textures makes the surface volumetric and original.
In order for any of these designs to be implemented at the proper level, please contact professional performers. Partner Construction has all the resources to carry out office renovations of any complexity. Ceiling systems made by specialists are characterized by modern design and high quality.