A good office renovation is essential, but the choice of its design will be equally important. The classic office style, to which we have long been accustomed, is inherent in the most ordinary companies with unremarkable activities. But creative firms prefer to style the interior of the office in a special way. One of the most interesting in this regard is the loft-style.

Style features

The loft-style is an imitation of a factory or factory floor, so a room in this design will have quite pronounced distinctive features. High ceilings, large-scale windows, brick walls, pipes, metal stairs and more stand out among them. In other words, the loft-style really resembles a factory floor or an industrial loft. Of course, all this is extremely clean, and most importantly, appropriate in the interior.

The main rule of the loft-style is maximum space. In an office with such a design, there are no partitions, and zoning is carried out using light contrasts or furniture details. At the same time, all details, such as rough plaster, ventilation pipes, or electrical wiring, are not hidden, but, on the contrary, are exposed. With the right approach, such elements can be successfully combined with modern interior details.

Ultimate individuality

Despite the fact that the general concept of style should correspond to one direction (factory floor or attic), a loft can be strictly individual. As a rule, after the renovation of the office and the development of its design, the style is maintained in a tone that will emphasize the type of the company’s activity. Various accessories play an important role, for example, company logos, road signs, signage, abstractions, and much more. The main thing is to maintain a uniform and noticeable style.

Loft-style office renovation is most often ordered by companies engaged in creative work – design firms, marketing agencies, IT companies. With style, you can highlight your individuality and create a suitable work environment. For office guests, such an interior will also be very interesting, especially if a business meeting is held between representatives of creative and creative business.

Beneficial sides

In addition to the stylish look, the loft has a number of advantages in terms of convenience and economy. The main ones are the following:

• Free planning – no need to build expensive partitions;
• Minimal finishing of walls and ceilings without the need to purchase expensive materials;
• The ability to create a purely individual design for the office interior;
• Minimal detailing – looking at older designs will look even better.

An interesting fact is that after the renovation of the office, you can spend both a fairly large and quite a small amount on its design in the loft style. Much depends on the details. It is the loft-style that allows you to use almost any resources and details to implement the conceived concept. Now, this style is gaining more and more popularity, and it is in terms of decoration of office premises.