When organizing a major overhaul of a standard office type, most companies opt for an open-plan design. In megalopolises, more than 90% of modern A and B class offices are located in open space. The concept of open space is the highest priority in the interior design of a modern office. This format not only indicates that the company follows modern trends in the organization of the workspace, but also provides undeniable benefits for managers and employees.

Why open space is better than classrooms

A modern open space means a democratic atmosphere, ease of control by management, increased productivity and economic benefits.

CEOs of companies loved the open-space format for the opportunity to directly observe the work process, that is, to see the life of the company at a glance.

In terms of economic benefits, open-plan offices allow more flexible and efficient use of the working area, reduce the cost of equipping workplaces and equipment. In addition, in the future, scheduled office renovation will cost significantly less.

Features of the “open office” renovation

The owners of commercial premises order office renovation with the design of redevelopment in order to optimize their operational characteristics. If the type of premises allows, then it is quite realistic to make a redevelopment by dismantling brick / concrete partitions (non-supporting structures).

The initial stage of an office renovation is a design project that provides for the development of competent redevelopment, zoning and decoration of office space. It is important to study the structure of the company and its business processes in order to correctly place the workplace of employees. It is better to allocate separate zones for specialists who need concentration. You also need to properly position the glass-walled executive offices. It is necessary to think over where the recreation room and meeting room will be located.

The open layout of the premises allows you to build work areas of any configuration. You can zone an office space using color solutions for wall decoration, light fluxes, phytodesign, using mobile or stationary partitions that are completely transparent, or partially closed. If it is important to create a sense of a separate personal space for employees, then screens are installed on the tables.

There are many options for the concept of “open office”: with partitions between tables, with division into working groups, with the free arrangement of tables, etc.

Open space office renovation: important points

– The style and comfort of an open office are determined by the decorative finish. Therefore, it is important to choose the right finishing materials for walls, ceilings, and floors. Among the most popular styles of open space, design are loft, hi-tech, eco.

– Comfort for employees is ensured by competent lighting. If large panoramic windows are not provided, you need to carefully consider overhead and individual artificial lighting. Spotlights are used to highlight dimly lit areas.

– It is better to place the workstations of employees along with the windows, and all other infrastructure (coffee points, meeting rooms, etc.) in the center of the space.

– Transparent partitions with a special noise-insulating coating allow to level the “noise” of an open office. Also, a comfortable level of sound insulation is achieved through the appropriate finishing materials (modular ceiling with sound-absorbing properties, carpet tiles, acoustic panels, etc.)

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