The office is the business card and face of any company. By its external and internal state, partners, clients, as well as investors will judge your condition, status and position in the business.

Office space provides comfort, convenience and functionality. For this reason, when ordering office renovation, its owners try to move away from generally accepted standards by implementing their own original design ideas.

When is an office overhaul necessary?

A full range of repair work in an office space is usually carried out:

– in a completely new room without interior decoration;

– in the event of a change of owner or tenant;

– when the company changes its concept or direction of activity;

– in case of urgent technical need (accident, force majeure).

Overhaul will require financial and time costs, as well as careful planning of work with the involvement of professionals. Any redevelopment and work considering the facade must be coordinated with the owner of the premises and supplied by the authorities.

The overhaul of the office provides for an efficient organization of space, including the use of zoning to create an optimal and comfortable space for employees and office visitors. It will not be superfluous to provide functional systems for lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation.

For the implementation of the overhaul of the office, a design project is carried out, developed depending on the type of activity of the company and the wishes of its owners. The result should be a functional workspace that meets occupational health and safety standards.

Features of performing cosmetic repairs in the office

This type of renovation is the simplest and relatively inexpensive way to update the look of an office space. The main task of this kind of work is to eliminate defects that have arisen as a result of prolonged operation of the premises or unforeseen situations, as well as when the situation and the concept of the company change.

Redecoration includes operations such as:

– dismantling of old coatings;

– gluing wallpaper;

– laying laminate, carpet or linoleum;

– putty, painting of walls and ceilings;

– replacement of doors;

– installation and transfer of electrics.

Where to order office repair and maintenance?

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