Organizing a business requires creating conditions for effective work of employees and the convenience of customers. In this regard, high-quality and well-thought-out office renovation becomes especially relevant. When organizing and conducting it, attention should be paid not only to the competent and functional design of the workspace but also not to forget about the arrangement of the bathroom. When developing the concept of transformations, one should proceed from the available budget and general trends in the design of the premises. This does not always require colossal investments. A budget renovation can look no worse, provided that it is done in accordance with the requirements of aesthetics, convenience, and practicality.
Features of the arrangement of the bathroom Repair in the toilet room of office space has certain features and nuances that are important to consider at the stage of drawing up a project and an estimate:
1. Practicality in the selection of finishing materials. In the course of public use of the premises, the risk of damage increases. It is important to select materials so that it is possible to quickly wash, repair, or replace finishes (floor or wall covering, ceiling or partitions).
2. The choice of colors and materials must be done taking into account the high level of operational loads. It is better to select the finishing palette of non-marking colors that have the ability to hide traces of dirt (stains, shoe marks, etc.). This is due to the high traffic of the premises, possible delays and disruptions in the cleaning schedule.
3. Installation of a high-quality ventilation system. Unpleasant odors should not accumulate in public places. This creates discomfort and makes an unpleasant impression on the visitors.
4. Plumbing fixtures should be selected with a focus on reliability, convenience, and ease of use. Visitors to the bathroom should not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable when using a sink or toilet due to a lack of understanding of the specifics of their work.
When arranging a bathroom in an office, it is important to take care of the comfort of visitors. If the budget allows, sanitary areas should be established for male and female use. In this regard, it is necessary to take care of installing not only toilets but also urinals and bidets. The mirror is an important part of the bathroom interior. It should be appropriate in size, clean and concise. It is appropriate to take care of the presence of additional lighting in the area of ​​its placement.
Thoughtful household items: soap dispensers, paper towels, hand dryer, etc. – a necessary part of the arrangement of the bathroom. Their presence speaks of care and attention to visitors and significantly increases the comfort of the toilet room.