In a modern office, the kitchen plays an important role. Despite being one of the most visited places in the workplace, many companies are just learning to harness its potential. The owner has to pay a lot of money for the office space, therefore, when planning the design, it is important to take into account every square meter.
Important details to look out for before renovating an office
The kitchen should be practical, ergonomic, functional and stylish. It has three main functions:
1. Provide a place to eat. It is expensive to use a nearby café, and it often results in employee delays after a break.
2. Promote relaxation. In addition to basic functions, the kitchen should provide peace and comfort so that employees can be distracted from business, relieve stress and recuperate.
3. Create a friendly atmosphere. The office kitchen is a place for informal communication. Employees discuss issues, exchange information over a cup of coffee, establish closer contacts. This brings the team together and therefore facilitates subsequent collaboration.
Design features
The size of the kitchen and the equipment depends on many factors (company needs, design ideas, budget allocated not for office renovation, etc.). The main guideline for the arrangement of the premises is the size of the free space and the number of employees.
Kitchen location
When renovating an office, take into account the following details:
1. The office kitchen should be located away from the manager’s office, meeting areas, toilets and smoking rooms.
2. The space should be equipped with water and sewer pipes.
3. It is preferable to choose rooms with windows. Natural daylight boosts your mood.
Furniture requirements
The kitchen should have enough storage space for crockery, cutlery and other items.
What furniture is better to choose:
1. The main requirement is durability, since the objects will be used by a large number of people. Work surfaces should be easy to clean, resistant to mechanical damage.
2. Functionality and convenience are equally important. Spacious drawers, pull-out shelves and other built-in appliances optimize space.
Kitchen Design
Even a small space with a competent layout can be turned into a functional, modern and cozy kitchen.
Useful tips for office renovation:
1. For the arrangement of the recreation area, it is better to use light colors: pastel, gray, white. Experts recommend avoiding bright colors.
2. The floor covering should be as stable as possible and not slippery. The material must be durable and easy to maintain.
3. Do not forget about the visual expansion of space due to the play of light and shadows, as well as color contrasts.
4. The mini-room can be decorated with decorative plants. They create a pleasant atmosphere, have a good effect on computer-tired eyes.
Employees work at least 8 hours a day, so it is important to provide them with a comfortable and quiet area. An office kitchen should be associated with warmth and comfort, good food, “tasty” smells and a friendly atmosphere.