You should think about arranging the office corridor at one of the initial stages. Potential clients and partners will constantly walk through this room. For this reason, special attention should be paid to the design:
• floor covering;
• ceiling;
• panels.
Your costs will pay off by increasing loyalty to the company. There are difficulties in arranging the corridor. You should immediately think about the lighting of the premises. In addition, office renovation is complicated by the length of the rooms.
Basic rules for the design of an office corridor
First, you need to think about the visual increase in the cramped space. Even the office corridor takes part in the formation of the original image of the company. In terms of styles, it is recommended to stick to minimalism. They will look good enough indoors:
• flowers in decorative pots;
• soft sofas with angular shapes;
• paintings that fit into the style of the corridor.
If you want the office to be modern, then use mainly light colors when decorating it. Dark shades will visually narrow the room. In addition, they make the interior darker and worsen the overall perception of the interior. Excessive variegation should be avoided when decorating a room. It prevents visitors from focusing attention, harms perception.
In case you place too many things in the corridor, then you will bring dissonance to the style. If you do not want to make a mistake when arranging the interior, then contact Partner Construction. This is a reliable contractor who is ready to implement the most complex projects. Experienced specialists work here.
What materials should be used when renovating an office?
Much depends on the specifics of the premises. If numerous people pass through the corridor every day, then a wear-resistant floor covering should be laid. It can be a laminate of the corresponding class, porcelain stoneware, tiles.
When doing office renovation, you should take care of the ceilings. In this case, it is recommended to use drywall, which is notable for its low price and practicality. It is possible to install “droplet” lamps in the panel. This will make the corridor bright enough. Such a ceiling will visually expand the surrounding space.
Green spaces create a special comfort. If you have enough space, then place tubs with unpretentious plants in different places. To highlight the professionalism of your company, you can place an information stand in the corridor. It will have diplomas and certificates. And don’t forget about the convenience of your customers and partners. The room should have soft sofas or chairs.