Competently alternating work and rest, you can achieve greater productivity and efficiency of any work. Therefore, when planning an office renovation, think about the arrangement of a restroom for employees.
Rest area requirements
There is no legal regulation specifying what a staff lounge should be. Therefore, in one company you can see a spacious hall with classic tables and chairs, equipment for heating lunch. In the second organization – soft corners with a TV and a set for games.
When renovating an office, we advise you to allocate a separate room for the recreation room. In the absence of this opportunity, you need to Locate the relaxation area as far as possible from the noisy space. Best of all, near the window – natural light reduces headaches and relieves eye strain. The view from the window allows you to temporarily “change the usual environment.”
If the area is limited, you can use office partitions. The main thing is that the working space should be as separate as possible from the recreation area.
The furnishings should also promote relaxation. In modern companies, not only sofas and armchairs are installed, but also pools with balls, bean bags, hammocks. Here are the standard office tables and chairs that are best discarded.
arrangement options
The break room should NOT be a “box” with walls. Before renovating an office, offer employees several options for arranging it:
• Sleeping area
Many large corporations, like Zappos, allow employees to sleep on shift. They install special capsules or equip office beds.
But make sure in advance that it will benefit the workers. Startup AskforTask conducted an experiment: for 15 minutes every day, the company’s programmers slept, taking a daybreak. The volume of completed tasks dropped to 30% from the previous 55%.
• Game room
During the renovation of offices, PlayStation consoles, mini-football, and table tennis tables are installed in the break rooms. A large TV is also available.
• Zone for reflection
Many people, even on vacation, want to gain new knowledge and improve themselves. A great option, in this case, is an extensive library, logic games, and puzzles. Employees will both relax and have a good time at the same time.
• Lounge
Creating the perfect lounge space is pretty easy. Renovate your office by setting aside the quietest spot for your lounge. By purchasing upholstered furniture, a small coffee table, pillows. Here, in the future, it will be possible to solve creative work tasks. The recommended option for areas such as design, marketing, advertising, event.
The practice has proven that the harm from the opportunity to relax without leaving the company is much less than from the “burnout” so common among office workers.