Pictures in the office can serve more than just a decorative function. They can also be used for practical purposes: for zoning space, placing accents in the interior, referring to the type of activity of the company, creating a working or, on the contrary, relaxing atmosphere. If you have to renovate your office and are thinking about how to decorate the space with paintings, this material will be useful to you.
Choosing the right decor can help create an environment for business negotiations, inspire fresh ideas, accelerate recovery in the relaxation area, and even improve appetite in the kitchen.
What to choose
Depending on your goals, before renovating the office, you can choose:
• posters or paintings in typographic style, oil paintings, pastels, and other materials;
• monolithic canvases or modular compositions of several elements;
• ready-made standard solutions or a custom-made project;
• the subject is also important – landscapes, people and animals, abstraction, replicas of famous paintings or works of contemporary artists.
Consider the type, purpose of the room, and the interior that will turn out after the renovation of the office. For example, abstraction, modern painting, black and white works are good for the loft-style. In classic interiors, reproductions look beneficial, in rooms decorated in Scandinavian style – laconic illustrations in bright colors.
In the halls and corridors, posters are more appropriate, in the offices – more serious, classic works of art or images of business megacities, landscapes, maps, thematic prints, vector illustrations.
When renovating a recreation area in an office, they often hang relaxing landscapes on the walls, at the reception desk – thematic posters and paintings in the corporate style of the company. In the foyer, as a rule, large canvases are used, in the corridors – miniature and medium ones.
But a lot depends on the type of activity and the specifics of the company – the vector of thinking when creating an interior project for a large solid organization and a young bright startup is different.
What to focus on when choosing a painting for the office
Pictures are not the first thing a customer cares about before or during an office renovation. But it is they who are able to become that very final touch that completes the overall impression.
What to consider when choosing paintings:
• The industry in which the company operates. For example, nudity will be out of place in the office of the director of a private school or a metallurgical plant, but it will fit into the space of a conceptual photo studio.
• Corporate culture, general concept and mentality of the organization, its values ​​and credo, style. For example, if you do not just produce eco-packaging, but also run charity events to protect the environment, this can be effectively reflected through paintings.
• The interior, which is planned to be implemented during the renovation of the office. For example, realistic landscapes will not fit into the hi-tech office of an IT company, but will perfectly complement the conservative design of an investment company or educational institution.
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