A modern office is not only a visiting card of any business but also a “second home” for its employees, who devote a lot of time to work. Thoughtful office renovation and proper arrangement of the workspace will provide the best conditions for effective work in a comfortable environment, motivating people to maximize their impact and achieve high professional results. Arrangement of a modern office is a complex task solved according to a certain algorithm.

Competent layout with room zoning

Modern office buildings are usually built with an open plan, in which employees work in one large room. This type of layout involves the installation of partitions or at least semi-transparent desktop screens when renovating an office, limiting the individual workspace.

To receive guests or visitors, a reception, waiting areas, and, if necessary, separate rooms for confidential negotiations should be provided. Kitchen-living rooms, recreation areas, sports areas are equipped for employees. Zoning is performed by arranging furniture, partitions installed during an office renovation, using different types of floor coverings, contrasting walls, etc.

Interesting and functional interior design

As a rule, most office renovations are done in restrained styles (for example, hi-tech, modern, scandi, minimalism) and calm colors that do not distract from the work process. For creative companies, architectural or design offices, extravagant art deco, modern, pop art or brutal loft with bright color accents, unusual materials and decor elements will suit.

Comfortable conditions

For the productive work of employees, a sufficient level of illumination is required (optimal 300–500 lux). In addition to natural light, the amount of which depends on the size and number of windows, when renovating an office, it is necessary to provide for the installation of ceiling and table lamps.

In open offices with many employees, the recommended noise level (about 55 decibels) for work areas should be considered. To effectively reduce this indicator during the renovation of offices, noise-absorbing structures (suspended ceilings, frame installation of plasterboard on walls, ceilings, and partitions) and materials (foam plastic, carpets, cork panels, polyurethane backing, etc.) are used.

The air purity indicator is relevant to office premises. It has been scientifically proven that fresh air improves the well-being and performance of employees, in addition, increases labor productivity by 10-11%. Installation of high-quality filtration and ventilation systems during office renovation will provide a healthy and comfortable atmosphere.

An important factor in productive work is the correct organization of the workspace, in particular, optimal comfortable placement. In open spaces, experts recommend placing one employee on 6-8 m², in closed (office) planning offices on an area of ​​12-18 m², no more than three people are allowed.

High-quality office renovation, taking into account the listed conditions, will create a cozy, convenient, and comfortable office that will be successfully presented.