The use of modern building technologies makes it possible to organize comfortable workplaces and provide an attractive appearance to office premises without significant costs. When planning renovation work, it is necessary to take into account modern interior decoration technologies, fashion trends, and the cost of building materials. Every company owner has a desire to save money on office renovation, but do not forget that the office is a visiting card, according to which potential clients form the first impression of the services provided by the company.
What should be the modern workplace of an employee
For a comfortable stay of employees in the office, it will be necessary not only to give the premises an impeccable appearance, but also to create conditions that meet the following parameters:
• Comfortable temperature conditions;
• Good illumination and ventilation;
• Convenient arrangement of furniture and technical equipment;
• Possibility of receiving visitors.
The organization of the workspace will depend on the scope of the company, office attendance, the specifics of the work of employees, and the organization’s management system. Depending on these criteria, the premises are separated by partitions, divided into closed or open zones, with the latter option, low dividers are used.
It is better to entrust repairs in the office to professionals. Experts know the modern requirements for organizing a flexible workspace and have sufficient experience in organizing an ergonomic office. At the same time, you do not need to look for technologies and modern materials, which will significantly save financial and time resources.
What planning solutions to choose
In the office, you can organize any room, from the manager’s office to the hygiene room, it all depends on the area of ​​the office and the required parameters. The initial stage of renovation work is the creation of a design project. A competent designer is able to rationally allocate space and optimize the cost of building materials and types of repair work.
Various technologies are used to create a modern office space, we will list the main ones:
• Installation of plasterboard partitions;
• Installation of sandwich blocks;
• Creation of structures from double-glazed windows, including those with tinted glass;
• Use of all-glass partitions equipped with a louver system on the inside.
All the above systems of partitions allow you to create openings for doors and window openings.
At the initial stage of the repair, do not forget about the need for dismantling, such work involves a large amount of debris. A competent construction team will not spend a lot of time dismantling, they will do the job cleanly and without unnecessary hassle.
Which finish to choose?
The most successful way to decorate walls is decorative plaster. This technology allows you to make walls not only colored but also textured. An alternative solution to plaster is paintable wallpaper, which, like plaster, is easy to clean, provides a breathable surface, and is locally repaired on damaged areas. Simple painting will be a little cheaper, but the decorative effect of the walls will decrease.
For the floor, you will need to choose a durable and practical material. The ideal option can be considered a tile. Porcelain stoneware or ceramics always look impressive, besides, such a floor covering is easy to clean and has a long service life. The disadvantage of this material can be considered a high price, it will be more economical to use laminate or linoleum, strength characteristics, which are much lower than tiles. Choose a floor covering for the office with a durability index of at least 4.
Ceiling decoration in office premises involves the use of tension or suspended structures. The first option is more expensive but has more varied design solutions. Rack, inlaid ceilings look interesting, choose the best options for built-in lighting. Currently, there are various models of luminaires according to the type of attachment and lighting parameters.
An important factor in the working environment is the microclimate and ease of communication. We recommend designing engineering wiring at the design stage of the project. In order not to spoil the cosmetic repairs with air ducts, consider placing a split system at the stage of planning repairs.