Office renovation is a great opportunity to optimize your workspace. There are many techniques and techniques to help expand a room and make it visually larger.


  • Choose light-colored wallpaper for office walls. White color and the lightest shades of warm colors will visually increase the volume of the room;
  • The wallpaper pattern is also important: a large pattern will expand the room, and a small one will narrow it. A simple technique will help to create the effect of increasing space: short office walls are decorated with wallpaper with a large pattern and long ones with a small one;
  • Add vertical lines to the room space. It can be a picture on the wallpaper or simple wall-mounted vertical structures that create the effect of height;
  • Minimize wall decor: paintings, clocks, calendars, and more. An exception can be made only for large mirrors;
  • If it is necessary to zone the room with partitions, mount low glass structures. They are popular, practical, provide excellent sound insulation, and visually expand the space. When renovating an office, such partitions are mounted quickly and easily.


A great solution, which can be easily implemented when renovating an office to increase space, is to replace standard doors with sliding or folding structures. Such a functional solution optimizes the usable office area, adding not visual, but quite real additional space.


  • When renovating an office, you can visually expand the space using a stretch glossy ceiling. The lacquered surface creates a sense of height and adds a few centimeters of depth;
  • Refuse massive chandeliers in favor of a large number of spotlights with metallic decor. Light fixtures must be added to the corners of the room so that bright lighting combined with a glossy ceiling expands the space.


During the renovation of the office, it is possible to replace old windows with large ones that let in the maximum amount of sunlight. Choose a white frame with a thin profile frame and the widest sash possible without additional lintels. Such windows will give the room maximum illumination, fill it with light and air. The complex combination of artificial and natural lighting will create a feeling of additional space.
When decorating windows, do not use heavy dark fabrics. The best option for office windows would be light or white lightweight blinds.

Office furniture

During the renovation, you can update or replace furniture.

  • The amount of furniture should be minimized, only the most necessary things are put on;
  • The most comfortable office desks are modern curved models made of lightweight design materials. Use space-saving transformable furniture. The color of the countertops and surfaces is selected light, to match the wallpaper; metalized legs and furniture fittings will add lightness and expand the boundaries of the office;

The same color finish and decor of walls, ceilings, furniture, create blurring boundaries when the human eye does not see color transitions and perceives the space as limitless.