Large business centers are an integral part of the city life of the Ukrainian capital. A high-quality and functional office interior is a hot topic in the commercial real estate market. The traditional office with its numerous offices and corridors is giving way to new technologies today.

OPEN SPACE – open office space

The key characteristics of open space are transparency, ergonomics, and the ability to make eye contact. Zoning solves the problem of rational organization of the workspace. Another task facing the management at the stage of preparing for the renovation of an office in the open space format is to present the enterprise in the most advantageous light for the clients and partners of the company. Distribution into functional zones, according to experts, improves the emotional state of staff, stimulates productivity, and increases the loyalty of customers and partners of the company.

Most often, a single space is divided into a back and front office. The latter performs representative tasks. This is a place for negotiations, presentations, meetings. The front office is responsible for presentation functions. Therefore, the renovation of the office should be preceded by a stage of the scrupulous study of the design. When preparing a design project, they use corporate symbols and color palette, think over decor elements to the smallest detail, complete the room with office furniture that emphasizes the company’s image. As a rule, a front office is a hall, reception, meeting room, office of the first person of the organization.

All work processes are concentrated in an area called the back office. This includes the workspace itself, server rooms, archives, recreation areas, dressing rooms, utility rooms. Zoning does not imply stationary walls. In order to optimize the process, the workplaces of employees are separated by partitions. This approach provides psychological comfort, but at the same time significantly saves space. Zoning is performed using glass / lightweight plastic partitions (including mobile ones). Another option is to structure a single space with furnishings. It is placed in such a way as to provide employees with the ability to communicate directly with each other.

Office zoning is impossible without experience, special skills, knowledge, so it is worth contacting professionals, for example, Partner Construction. The specialists of the capital company know what mistakes should be avoided when developing design, creating a single interactive space, and will provide office renovation services, open space zoning, focusing on the needs and wishes of the customer.