The efficiency of the work process, the comfort of employees, and the general atmosphere depend on the correct organization of the workplace in the office. Illiterate zoning can lead to two problems. First, limiting communication between colleagues can delay operational decision making. Secondly, excessive openness and rejection of privacy negatively affect the psycho-emotional state of employees. Someone will be embarrassed, someone will be annoyed, and someone simply will not be able to properly concentrate on performing their work duties, they will often be distracted.
In general, when organizing work zones, it is necessary to find that “golden mean” that will play into everyone’s hands. It is important to ensure that employees can quickly communicate with each other while maintaining privacy.

How to separate work areas in the office

Our designers use different options for organizing office space. You can use the following zoning methods:

  • Partitions
    One of the simplest, yet highly effective ways to separate jobs. Today there are several types of such solutions, made from different materials. So, the most popular are aluminum, glass, plasterboard, and PVC partitions made of metal-plastic profiles. They are made to order according to preliminary measurements.
  • Cabinets
    This is another widely available zoning option. It is hardly suitable for very small rooms. The advantage of this solution is that the cabinets, if necessary, can be rearranged from place to place. Another advantage is that filing cabinets can be stored. Such functionality of the idea “two in one” is sometimes irreplaceable in the office.
  • Roll-out cabinets
    This approach is suitable for zoning jobs on one long table. As in the previous case, they will allow you to store a lot of documents that will also be at hand.
  • Color combination
    First of all, it is a visual zoning tool. It creates a sense of isolation. A well-chosen range will have a beneficial effect on the emotional state of employees and give a feeling of confidence.
  • Stylistics
    Perfect if, for example, colleagues from different departments are accommodated in one large office space. Carefully considering the style, you can achieve an amazing design and functional effect.

When zoning a workspace in an office, a number of factors are taken into account, including the area of ​​the room, the height of the ceilings, the number of workplaces, and other features.

Don’t forget about the recreation area

Work is work, but it is necessary to take care of the rest of the employees. A separate recreation area can be located both in a separate and in the same room where the labor process is conducted. If we are talking about the second room, then it is necessary to separate this place with partitions or tall cabinets, install comfortable soft sofas or armchairs with elongated backs in it. A quality, albeit short, rest in a comfortable atmosphere is the key to more efficient work and high productivity.