More and more companies are choosing free open space for their employees. The solution offers many benefits: easier file sharing, better communication with colleagues and building good relationships. However, open space can also turn into a nightmare for those who have trouble concentrating. Noise is undoubtedly the biggest disadvantage of an open work office. For this reason, it is important to set up the area as comfortably as possible and adapt your working habits to such an environment.
How to improve work efficiency in Open Space?
In order not to disturb the neighbors at the table and be able to focus on tasks yourself, you should follow a number of rules, as well as eliminate typical mistakes:
1. Distracting food. Products with a rich aroma are unlikely to be suitable for this type of office.
2. Telephone conversations (not always meaningful). When talking on the phone, you should control your emotions. If there is a personal conversation, then it is better to leave the discussion room for a while.
3. No headset. Another source of noise is the computer. To listen to music or watch videos, you should use headphones. Experts also recommend turning off the sounds that signal an email or message you have received. Headphones are also necessary in order to focus on your tasks yourself.
4. Discussion of the project with the client. In order not to disturb others, it is better to leave an open office and use a special meeting room.
Some companies offer flexible hours. The advantage of the conditions is that employees have the opportunity to organize their working time in such a way as to effectively complete tasks in Open Space (for example, colleagues can come early in the morning or late in the evening when there are fewer people, which means a calmer environment).
Why do you need a professional office renovation?
Entrepreneurs play an important role in office renovation. A stylish interior helps to stand out from the competition, positively influence the company’s image, and significantly increase the chances of a successful conclusion of an agreement (after all, customers subconsciously want to return to such a comfortable office).
The productivity of employees also directly depends on how comfortable the workplace is. By contacting the professional studio Partner Create, clients will be able to avoid many mistakes that are often made when designing and repairing offices on their own.
Designers in our studio will help you choose the right colors and office equipment, perform high-quality repairs of the office, which will combine convenience, functionality and comfort; harmonize with the color scheme of the space and correspond to the specifics of the company.