Meetings are held in the offices, important deals are concluded. Often business meetings are accompanied by coffee drinking, pleasant gatherings. Office renovation is not complete without furnishing a kitchen that does not disrupt the working atmosphere.

Kitchen interior in the office

The kitchen is located in a large office away from conference rooms, the office of the head. The room cannot be equipped near smoking areas and a bathroom.

It is advisable to think over the interior of the kitchen before starting the renovation of the office. In terms of functionality and color design, the interior of an office kitchen should be universal. There can be a lot of light in the interior, but it is better to give preference to large windows. The lighting system necessarily includes local light sources.

The pastel palette is ideal for office interiors. Pastel shades do not cause discomfort but promote relaxation. When choosing furniture, it is better to stick to simplicity and restraint. The office kitchen should not have unnecessary decor, trinkets.

Office kitchen: basic rules

The kitchen space should not be designed like a cafe or restaurant. The main task is the simplicity and functionality of the office kitchen. When decorating a room, you should adhere to the following rules:

• compact and small headsets;
• practicality, high-quality materials;
• a lot of free space;
• walls near the sink should be lined with moisture-resistant material;
• simple furniture designs;
• it is better to refuse glossy surfaces;
• correctly selected household appliances;
• plain and laconic furniture.

Household appliances must be positioned correctly; this may require a stationary partition. In the office kitchen, a sink, an extractor hood, and a refrigerator must be installed. If the budget allows, you can install a compact bar, water filters, garbage shredders. In large offices, commercial boxes with drinks, chocolate and sandwiches are additionally installed.

Planning and design

Planning an office kitchen area allows for the proper use of space. These works should be performed by experienced and responsible specialists. Renovations can be entrusted to a reliable full-service contractor Partner Construction. As a result, customers receive interesting design projects.

It is important to consider that an office dining room is different from a home kitchen. If a spacious room is allocated for the kitchen in a large office, then a U-shaped set will be a good option. When renovating an office, you can opt for a kitchen with an island or corner model. The size of the kitchen set is selected based on the number of office employees.