The saying about the meeting on clothes does not lose its relevance. If we talk about the company, then such clothes are its office. It is on the arrangement of the workspace that the client has the first idea about the reliability of its inhabitants. It is not enough to make expensive repairs to the office, you need to provide a cozy atmosphere, which is achieved through landscaping. The coming century of green technology is changing the criteria for success, now the company’s image is not marble and mahogany, and a large number and proper use of evergreen plants.
Employees of companies whose management pays due attention to phytodesign, get quite tangible benefits from communication with plants. After all, they spend a significant part of their lives in the workplace. Proper floristics creates a friendly atmosphere that promotes relaxation without distraction from the work process. The formal style of office space is softening, people are kinder to each other, the number of conflicts arising from stressful situations is falling sharply.
Numerous studies have been conducted to assess the impact of office plants on productivity. Thus unexpected advantages of gardening of working space were revealed.
The benefits of plants in the office
• Increasing labor productivity. The researchers concluded that offices without houseplants are toxic in every sense of the word. In such companies, sluggish work, flavored with a large number of conflict situations, is accompanied by high staff turnover. If the office is landscaped after the office is renovated, the number of conflicts will decrease sharply, and labor productivity will increase by an average of 15%.
• Preserving the health of employees. In the business centers of large cities, the so-called “big house syndrome” is becoming more widespread. Office workers become lethargic, working capacity falls, and doctors do not find specific diseases. However, for employers, this still results in an increase in the number of paid sick leave. It has been noticed that offices with a large amount of vegetation bypass the harmful syndrome.
• Coping with stress. The life of an office clerk is a constant stress. The desire to be successful forces to work more and more, at the same time not less ambitious colleagues do not mind to put a step on a way on a career ladder. This creates a lot of conflicts that destroy the team. But the more plants in the office, the lower the level of tension and anxiety among employees. Green has been shown to have a calming effect.
To fully realize these benefits, landscaping of work premises should be entrusted to a specialist in phytodesign. He will be able to properly place the plants so that they do not take up much space, but were always in sight, harmonizing the space of the office.
Proper selection of plants is important, because not every member of the flora will be comfortable in a strict office atmosphere. Ideal plants should be resistant to drafts and unpretentious in care. It is also not recommended to use species with bright colors, they will distract from work. The same applies to pungent odors emitted by some plants.
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