A raised floor is called a collapsible floor, raised above a solid substrate. A free space is created between the main floor and a similar coating, which allows you to hide engineering communications. Raised flooring is the best solution for an office renovation.

One of the problems that arise when organizing office space is how to hide the mass of wires and cables that power equipment and technology. Thanks to the design of the raised floor, a free, hidden from the eye, space is created in which air conditioning ducts, power cables, heating and sewerage systems, wires of low-current networks are located.
In the places where the wires exit, special distribution hatches are organized through which office equipment is connected. If necessary, such a plate can be moved to the desired place and the arrangement of furniture can be changed.
If an office is being renovated, the mobile partitions are rearranged to create a new configuration of the space, and the raised floor slabs that house the power outlets are moved to the equipment installation locations. It remains to perform cosmetic repairs.
Another plus of the raised floor is the versatility of the finish coating. Carpet, ceramic or PVC tiles, laminate, linoleum or parquet boards – there are practically no restrictions for finishing. The flooring is selected for the overall interior, color scheme and style of the room, taking into account the operating conditions and the wishes of the customer.
The advantages of a raised office floor
A raised floor is the best solution for organizing office space due to a number of advantages that no other option for arranging floors has:
• the possibility of planning the premises, regardless of the location of power networks and utilities;
• organization of free space not occupied by communications and wires;
• mobility – if necessary, redevelopment plates with sockets and hatches can be easily re-installed to a convenient place;
• almost any flooring material can be used and replaced;
• there are no restrictions on the selection of the style and color of the coating;
• versatility – the raised floor is mounted on floors with any basic;
• the height of the free space under the raised floor is adjustable depending on the needs;
• installation speed – after installation, no expectations are required (as, for example, when arranging self-leveling floors), the room can be used immediately;
• providing convenience and comfort to employees and visitors;
• additional space between the base and the raised floor allows you to save on heating or cooling the room.
In addition, the raised floor is cost effective. It is worthwhile to mount the structure once, so that later you can form an arrangement for the wire outlets at the necessary points. Such structures are non-combustible and environmentally friendly. It is no coincidence that raised floors are a prerequisite for assigning a certain category to business centers.
Raised floor installation in offices
When performing renovation of offices with the installation of a raised floor, we take into account the operating conditions, room humidity and all the wishes of our customers. The works are carried out in the shortest possible time, and their cost is lower than that of competitors and is available for the vast majority of customers.