Aluminum office partitions are used for zoning premises of various configurations. If you are planning an office renovation and you need to properly organize your workspace, such installations are the best solution.

The design will help save precious squares of space and visually expand the area in the building. Partitions are transparent and opaque. Plain or tinted glass (or plywood) is installed in the frame opening.

The advantages of office partition:

An office partition divides a large room into compact and cozy offices. Aluminum products are much cheaper than the construction of capital walls when renovating an office. It efficiently absorbs noise from other work areas, corridors and does not require approval for redevelopment.

Thanks to its light transmission, the partition retains natural light while creating the privacy necessary for concentration.

The product has a number of other indisputable advantages:
• the design is durable and resistant to temperature extremes and moisture;
• strong and tough can withstand heavy loads;
• the geometry of the partition does not deform over time;
• the material is aesthetically attractive and unpretentious in maintenance;
• due to its low weight, the partition is mobile, it can be reinstalled.
Aluminum is environmentally friendly and looks attractive without additional coloring, does not tarnish, and organically fits into any finished design. The design fully meets the practical requirements of modern offices.

Comfort within a company (large or small) depends a lot on the rational planning of the office area. The partition, effectively organizing the internal space, has a positive effect on the performance of employees.

Features of installation of structures

The assembly and installation of the frame made of joined aluminum profiles do not take much time. Qualified specialists of Partner Construction will help you to cope with the renovation of the office, reliably and quickly install the structure. You can easily equip the premises in ready-made functioning offices, without interrupting the work process.

The installation method is mainly determined by the type of construction. Stationary partitions are fixed to the floor, walls or ceilings. To prevent gaps during installation, it is necessary to eliminate any irregularities on the surface. The slots significantly reduce the level of sound insulation. Mobile partitions are not rigidly fixed, unlike stationary ones. They can be moved frequently and used for different needs.