Suppose a new branch of the company is opened, the staff is expanded, or an office renovation is planned. In such cases, you will have to face the need to buy new furniture. This business must be approached responsibly. The comfort of the staff (and in some companies – clients and visitors), the efficiency of the entire work team, as well as the image of the company itself depend on whether the furniture is correctly selected. Therefore, the choice should be literate, balanced, and thoughtful as much as possible.

Requirements for office furniture

The following criteria for choosing office furniture should be noted:
• Ergonomic. The staff spends a lot of time in the office, so it is necessary for them to be comfortable while working. In addition, the company’s customers will have a positive attitude while sitting in a comfortable chair or on a comfortable sofa.
• Security. It is important that the furniture structure is strong, reliable, stable, to withstand the mechanical loads exerted on it. For example, shelves for files and other documents should not be wobbly.
• Environmental friendliness. Furniture should not negatively affect human health. To make sure of its environmental friendliness, when buying, you should require quality certificates for products for review.
• Laconic design. Formal style, simplicity of design are preferred. However, some companies are creative in arranging their offices, which is often dictated by the specifics of the direction of their activities.
• Presentability. Furniture should look solid, not cheap, but not pretentious either.
The dimensions of the furniture are selected taking into account the size of the office space, its layout, the number of employees, and their duties. When there are difficulties with the correct placement of furniture structures, you can turn to professional designers for help. Well, if you want to create a unique interior design, to give the company’s office a special, unique style, designers will come to the rescue.

The best materials for office furniture

Furniture can be made from chipboard, MDF, fiberboard. If you choose chipboard structures, then their thickness should be at least 16 mm and have an edge that prevents the evaporation of harmful adhesive resins. For offices, the more popular option is laminated chipboard. Fiberboard is a material that is resistant to moisture and deformation. MDF lends itself well to any finish, but at the same time, it is durable. If it is advisable to install partitions in the room, it is better if they are made of environmentally friendly plastic. Sometimes the impact-resistant tempered glass is used in the interior.
As for the upholstery of armchairs and sofas, they often make a choice in favor of special wear-resistant textiles, a leather substitute (a more solid option). But for the office of the head, natural materials are preferable – solid wood, leather, suede.

The interior of the office is often judged on the well-being of the company, its prestige, care for employees and customers. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully work out all its key details. A responsible approach to the choice of furniture will certainly play into the hands and increase the attractiveness of the enterprise in the eyes of staff, business partners, and visitors.