The success of any modern company directly depends on the efficiency of employees. This is especially true in the areas of trade and services, where communication and exchange of information are the main components of all business operations. In this regard, it is very important, during an office renovation, to pay due attention to space planning, since the employee’s efficiency will directly depend on the comfort, convenience, and ergonomics of his workplace.

Basic planning rule

The main rule from which one should build on during the formation of office space is division. It is very important to delimit work areas in such a way that the employee carries out his activities as efficiently as possible, both on his own and as a team.
According to experts who specialize in the formation of business comfort, the ideal result can be achieved when using mobile partitions. Such structures can be installed in the shortest possible time, while with their help you can completely transform the room, dividing it into separate compartments.

Designing rooms

After any modern office renovation, the following premises must be present:

  • Reception;
  • Rest zone;
  • Staffroom;
  • Head office;
  • Meeting room.

For each unique area, there are approximate sizes that allow you to avoid discomfort. For example, the size of the reception area directly depends on the number of visitors, but they cannot be less than 10 m2.
The meeting room contains various presentation equipment in the form of a whiteboard, projector, large display, etc. For this reason, you need to take care of the possibility of connecting all equipment to the mains in advance.
The size of the top manager’s office is chosen based on image considerations. However, 12 m2 is enough for a functional and comfortable office space.
Staff rooms are designed based on the number of specialists and their movements. It is also very important to place in a public place such equipment as printers, shredders, copiers, etc.

Lack of space problem

The problem of lack of space can be solved in a huge number of different ways, but the main method is job optimization. In other words, you need to pay attention to the dimensions of the furniture and its quantity.
Also, some rooms can be combined with each other. For example, some companies arrange “reception” right in the open space of the office and equip meeting rooms in the boss’s office.

Summing up, we can come to the conclusion that during the renovation of offices, it is very important to take care of its planning in advance, since the efficiency and productivity of employees will depend on this.