The kitchen in the office should be cozy, stylish, as functional, and comfortable as possible. When decorating a room, preference is given to simplicity and brevity. This nuance must be taken into account when performing office renovations.

Office kitchen: options

It is better to organize the kitchen dining room in a separate room. The size of the kitchen is determined by the number of office workers. If the number of employees does not exceed 10, then the size of the premises is up to 30 m2.

A transforming kitchen is ideal for small offices. An island kitchen is a good choice. The compact set allows you to place the required number of kitchen items and dishes.

Office renovation is carried out as quickly as possible. The first stage in setting up a kitchen is creating a project. Sanitary standards, customer requirements, and the number of office employees must be taken into account. The room can be zoned using partitions, bar counter. Dividing the office kitchen into separate zones saves space and creates additional comfort.

Important nuances

You need to choose the right materials and furniture to equip the kitchen in the office. It is better to entrust the execution of work to professionals. Partner Construction is a reliable contractor with extensive experience.

The main nuances when arranging an office kitchen:

• the headset should be compact but roomy;
• calm color shades of furniture;
• simplicity in the decor of the room;
• a lot of free space;
• creation of a ventilation system;
• it is worth giving up glossy surfaces;
• connection of the hood, water supply.

The functionality of the premises will depend on the connection to communications. The kitchen can be equipped with a coffee machine, electric kettle, toaster and other appliances. Additionally, you can install a dishwasher, refrigerator.

It is recommended to locate the office kitchen away from the conference room, reception area, office of the head. The kitchen should not be located near the bathroom.

Color and light

Small and dark rooms often become office kitchens. It is necessary to solve the problem of insufficient light by installing additional lamps for the dining area. When renovating an office, the lack of light can be compensated for:

• mirrors;
• 3D images;
• light colors of furniture;
• beautiful decor;
• glass partitions.

The color scheme should be universal. Light and pastel shades are considered a win-win. The office dining room is designed in colors that do not cause discomfort. When choosing furniture, simplicity and moderation are observed. The decoration of the room will be a painting with abstract drawings, an information board.